Your crypto can save lives, don't HODL back!

WazirX is donating ₹8 Crores towards COVID-relief initiatives, but India needs much more!

We urge you - crypto warriors - to join the fight against COVID-19, donate crypto and make a difference!


How can I donate?

(Please read all steps carefully)
Make sure you have a KYC-verified account on WazirX
Select a token to donate
We will convert the crypto to fiat (INR) & pass it on to NGOs. Any crypto withdrawal fee you pay will also be contributed as a donation.
Transfer to the address below
Please enter both MEMO and WALLET ADDRESS, which are required to deposit WRX token
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Donate Now
  1. You can donate to this address only from your WazirX wallet.
  2. We will not be able to process transfers made from any wallet other than your KYC-verified WazirX wallet.
  3. Do not transfer any crypto other than WRX, BUSD or USDT to their respective addresses.
  4. This is a WazirX wallet dedicated for COVID-19 donations.
WazirX has pledged to donate ₹8 Crores towards COVID-relief causes. We’ll announce as we deploy funds to each initiative ✌️

Where will my donation go?

We will split the funds and donate to NGOs and causes working on areas which need urgent assistance like

Supplying oxygen cylinders & concentrators
Medical equipment for healthcare workers
Feeding the underprivileged during these times
Medical assistance to the underprivileged and homeless people

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India needs our help and every penny of our donation matters right now.

Crypto warriors, let’s unite in this fight against COVID19 and defeat it!

If you have any suggestions on more causes, please tweet to us @WazirXIndia.

Remember, if there ever was a time when every penny of your donation mattered, it is now. Let’s unite and fight this - together! 🇮🇳